Since January, the Justice For All Coalition has supported 115 tenants living in public housing developments around the city submit formal letters of complaint using In total, these letters documented 1,305 issues. If evenly divided, that would be more than 11 issues per tenant.

Here’s what that looks like:

Each pin represents a building where a letter of complaint has been submitted. In some cases, a single pin represents more than one household. For example, the pin for 1-04 Astoria Blvd at Astoria Houses represents 14 households and their separate letters of complaint.

What are the issues?

More forthcoming, but for starters:

  • 70 households cited pest issues (i.e. roaches, rats, mice, bugs, etc)
  • 82 households cited the lack cleaning during COVID-19
  • 25 households cited mold issues; 8 of those households cited mold in multiple rooms of their house.

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