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Community Conversation and Teach-In

What are the City’s plans for public housing, what would they mean for tenants and how can we fight for more? This will be the topic of conversation for a series of teach-ins starting this week at Queensbridge. Next week we'll be at Ravenswood Houses on Wednesday, and we'll put…

The Fox In The Henhouse: How Privatization Threatens Democracy | Democracy Now!

Privatization is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, especially in the context of public housing, but what is privatization and why is it dangerous? Understanding privatization also helps us understand the broader nature of what is happening with public housing today, and what it could look…


NYCommons.org helps New Yorkers impact decisions about public land and buildings in their neighborhoods. As they explain: Vibrant public spaces strengthen communities and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods. They provide opportunities for learning, health and recreation, as well as connecting with friends and neighbors. But all too often, publicly…

How New York could raise taxes on the rich | Article from CSNY

New York is facing a $14.5 billion budget gap this fiscal year, federal relief dollars don’t appear to be forthcoming, and schools and local governments are facing deep budget cuts. The coronavirus pandemic – and the financial nightmare it created – prompted some progressive lawmakers and activists to double down on…

Press Conference & Rally: Repairs, Reparations & Respect Now!

Please join us for a press conference and rally that is happening on: Saturday September 26th at 4p at the red steps in Times Square.  The press conference is spear-headed by tenants who live in NYCHA developments across the city - including Queensbridge and Ravenswood Houses in Queens, South Beach…

Where’s the Money?: Trump’s Stance on Public Housing

At the Republican National Convention a video showed multiple NYCHA residents who are considered community leaders appear to speak in favor of President Donald Trump and instead cast blame for NYCHA's woes onto Mayor Bill de Blasio. Though the video has been widely discredited, with the interviewees even speaking out,…

Where’s the Money?: Private Development in Western Queens | One Pager

Time and again, we are told by public officials that there is no public money to fix NYCHA. Private investment is the only option. But that’s a lie. We know because the City has invested time, money, and resources on project’s just next door. This handout suggests that it is…

You have a right to mold/mildew remediation!

In 2013, a class-action lawsuit was brought against NYCHA on behalf of tenants with asthma who needed abatement of toxic mold in their apartments. The plaintiffs negotiated a consent decree with NYCHA which put together a program of mold abatement standards and requirements that NYCHA has to follow throughout the…

The City’s Three NYCHA Plans That Will Privatize Public Housing | OpEd for East New York News

Today, public housing in our city, and in the country really, is at a crossroads. Buildings are dilapidated, unsafe and unhealthy to the tune of $40 billion, meanwhile disinvestment has also led to an operating budget deficit. The City has put forth three plans they say will solve these coinciding…

NYCHA’s Three Plans for Public Housing | Brief Overview

Since 2015, NYCHA and the City have announced three plans for public housing. They claim these will repair and modernize buildings for generations to come. We are not so sure. Below is an explanation of the plans - what do you think? Infill / NextGeneration NYCHA 2015 Leasing open space…