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The Impacts of Living in NYCHA | Report by Regional Plan Association

The people in New York City leading both the efforts to bring attention to the deteriorating conditions in our public housing, and the efforts to have them repaired, are their residents. It is important to recognize that government and civic organizations, as well as the New York City Housing Authority…

Public Housing and Public Health | Journal Article by Justin R. La Mort

News outlets were full of reports of New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) systemic failures at the end of 2017. When questioned whetherpeople who live in public housing deserve the same standard of living aspeople in private housing, Mayor Bill de Blasio explained “[p]eople in pub-lic housing deserve the very…

NY Pied-À-Terre Tax Proposed via Senate Bill S44A

A conversation revived. The economic shutdown triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an astonishing $14 billion budget deficit in New York, with projections of up to $30 billion by 2022, according to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. In efforts to minimize the cash flow crunch and increase capital…

Press Conference & Rally: Repairs, Reparations & Respect Now! (#2)

Please join us for a press conference and rally that is happening on: Thursday October 29th at 3p at 250 Broadway. The press conference is spear-headed by tenants who live in NYCHA developments across the city - including Queensbridge and Ravenswood Houses in Queens, South Beach Houses in Staten Island,…

Where’s the Money?: Military Spending vs Public Housing

While Trump has been attempting to slash funds for public housing, his budget proposals and our approved budget show a consistent influx of funds to the Dept of Defense. Today, under Trump, the United States is spending more on its military than at any point since World War II, with…

The Nefarious Nature of the Private Partners Selected for RAD Conversions

RAD is a program through which public housing buildings and units are transferred from Section 9 to Section 8, and private entities are brought in to management and repair the buildings. We looked into these private entities to learn a bit more about who the city was transferring control over…

Community Conversation and Teach-In

What are the City’s plans for public housing, what would they mean for tenants and how can we fight for more? This will be the topic of conversation for a series of teach-ins starting this week at Queensbridge. Next week we'll be at Ravenswood Houses on Wednesday, and we'll put…

The Fox In The Henhouse: How Privatization Threatens Democracy | Democracy Now!

Privatization is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, especially in the context of public housing, but what is privatization and why is it dangerous? Understanding privatization also helps us understand the broader nature of what is happening with public housing today, and what it could look…


NYCommons.org helps New Yorkers impact decisions about public land and buildings in their neighborhoods. As they explain: Vibrant public spaces strengthen communities and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods. They provide opportunities for learning, health and recreation, as well as connecting with friends and neighbors. But all too often, publicly…

How New York could raise taxes on the rich | Article from CSNY

New York is facing a $14.5 billion budget gap this fiscal year, federal relief dollars don’t appear to be forthcoming, and schools and local governments are facing deep budget cuts. The coronavirus pandemic – and the financial nightmare it created – prompted some progressive lawmakers and activists to double down on…