Housing & Health

Dilapidated housing is known to have negative consequences for inhabitants’ physical and mental health. Public housing is no exception.


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NYCHA’s Plans

Since 2015, NYCHA and the Mayor have announced three plans for NYCHA. These resources break down these plans in different ways to make sure you get the information you need.


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Tenants’ Rights

Tenants in NYC have a robust and growing set of rights that have been won through past organizing. Learn more about the rights you are entitled and the history you are taking a part in.


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Where’s the Money?

The short story is that NYCHA’s woes are a result of chronic under-funding, disinvestment, and mismanagement. These resources look at different aspects of where money that could repair and fund public housing goes instead.

  • Where’s the Money?: Busting the Myth that “There’s no money for NYCHA” – a brief overview of where the money for NYCHA could come from (forthcoming)


  • Where’s the Money?: Private Development in Western Queens – a printable 2-sided one pager highlighting the tension between the city’s penchant for supporting and subsidizing private developments that neighbor public housing while ignoring the deteriorating conditions public housing residents are confronting.
  • Where’s the Money?: Policing the Projects – a short blog post comparing policing in the projects and policing in our budget vis-a-vis public housing expenditures. (forthcoming)


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Read up on legislation that has been proposed that could help generate public money for public housing or better protect residents from privatization.

There is legislation that has been put forth, but not passed that offer some channels through which to keep pushing.

Reallocate Existing Money

Green New Deal for Public Housing

Tax the Rich

Get Involved

Education also involves action. You can not learn everything by sitting back and reading; you also need to stand up and step out with us.